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Breathtaking Vacation Destinations in Egypt

The Eid Al-Adha weekend is just a couple days away even though some have been planning their holidays since the last Eid rest, several others continue to hesitate – squabble – over where to invest the ‘Bairam’ rest. Cairenes’ goto getaways revolve in and about Alexandria and the North Coast; but we are here to tell you that you’ll find lots of alternatives to escape Cairo’s brouhaha this Eid.

In the archaic paradise that is Siwa, to the nightlife-buzzing Red Sea destination that is Sahl Hasheesh, there is plenty waiting to be investigated across Egypt’s shores.


A delightful coastal city recognized for being and located 500km away from Cairo the-goto destination for anyone seeking a water-activity- Dahab charms, themed holiday with its breathless Red Sea locations overlooking the Sinai desert and by its miracles that are underwater.

In Dahab, it is possible to enjoy a variety of activities including windsurfing, climbing, desert hiking, snorkelling and diving.

Combining a budget- friendly accommodation, alongside a laid back hippie life-style, Dahab proceeds to be an alternate holiday destination for lots of independent travellers and an outstanding place for water-sports.

Enjoy your Eid rest at Dahab’s Sindbad Camp or at Dahab Divers Hotel – if you don’t mind going a little over funding. While you’re at it, take to the Kitchen Restaurant for appetizing meals at extremely reasonable prices.

Castle Zaman

Using its breathtaking view over looking Jerusalem, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and its perfect location between Taba and Nuweiba, Castle Zaman is that one destination for vacationers looking for a less mainstream getaway, mystical and a private.

While that stone-carved castle with a mountain-like exterior-uniting an old, historic and real ambiance-does not offer accommodation, the castle offers, nonetheless, a pristine stone pool with panoramic Red seaview, alongside some tasty slow-cooked meals served in pottery dishes. Just half an hour from Taba and Nuweiba, Castle Zaman supports an all-natural experience, where you could benefit from the water the elements as well as the tranquillity.

El Gouna

El Gouna is a perfect destination for vacationers looking to have a bundle of sea, sunlight, pool, while enjoying top notch nightlife and hotel encounters. Gouna’s resorts are equipped with best quality providers –resort, private beaches, colossal pools- assuring you a munificent stay, not to mention some exceptional dining alternatives like the Club Home, Maritim, Pier 88 and Jobos Sportsbar.

When it comes to day time activities, El Gouna provides a range of water sports including waterskiing, kite surfing, sailing, diving, boating, in addition to aquarium excursions, desert safari and mangrove promenades. In the event that you don’t mind investing a bit and searching to have that little-bit-of-every thing holiday, El Gouna is ideal.


An oasis holding one of the very exceptional primitive ambiances you’ll find in Egypt – along with a few monolithic sights like the Mountain of the Lifeless and Alexander’s Temple of the Oracle –Siwa has its unique Berber lifestyle.

Worlds away from El Gouna, the oasis is brimming with houses made from salt carts roaming the streets, with palm-trees and h AS several eco-lodges with natural-spring pools, outfitted with each of the accommodation that is mandatory services.

Eco-lodges like Taziry or Adrere Amellal, although rather pricey, offer holiday encounters that are charming with a no- electricity policy, real Bedouin aesthetic and breath-taking views over looking the lake as well as the Adrè re Amellal (the White Mountain in the Amazigh language).

We suggest Carols Ghaliet Lodge or Siwa Gardens you keep, there is nothing quite like using a stroll down Town to relish the oasis’ artisanship that is neighborhood, with suppliers attempting to sell basketry, silverware and embroidery.

Sahl Hasheesh

Though formerly favoured within the past few years for partners, as a honeymoon destination, Sahl Hasheesh has evolved to be a popular place for a relaxing holiday and one of the hottest goto night-life locations on the Red Sea.

20-minute push from Hurghada, the re-sort encompasses dozens of hotels with superior services, including Premier Romance Hotel Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh and Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh.

Using a spectacular sea-view, diving excursions to investigate its marine life and underwater miracles, persistent DJ beach parties, unique fine-dining places and several others, you ought to not hesitate to pack your bags and spend your holiday there; Sahl Hasheesh has something for every one.


Situated on the tip of Sinai, Nuweiba is another perfect destination for vacationers looking to have equally a laidback plus a budget-pleasant holiday.

Primitive in its being, Nuweiba is a coastal city ideal for those who find themselves searching for tranquillity and peace; with several attractions including water activities-mainly diving and snorkelling – inexpensive eateries offering organic food that is tasty, and several local stores selling crafts that are Bedouin.

Nuweiba unites some decent resorts –of which we urge Nakhil Inn and Desire – alongside cheap camps and lodges suitable for backpackers; including Habiba Beach Lodge, Dayra and Moon Island Camp.

Ain El Sokhna

A just one-and-a-half an hour away from Cairo, Ain El Sokhna has always been that rapid – occasionally spontaneous – chillout destination for most. While most Sokhna getaways typically entail staying in a buddy ‘s – or mo Re likely, a friend’s buddies’ – spot, hotel alternatives at Sokhna include the township’s well-known resorts Moevenpick Re Sort and Jaz Little Venice. In the event that you perform your cards right, you might have an inexpensive and cheerful holiday, but with Tabla being one of the only real places that may take you apart from the seashore, you will have to make your own personal enjoyment.

Happy Eid!

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Another thing would be to spend your money wisely. It just takes some advanced planning, some advice from someone who’s traveled that road before you. oLet someone know that you will be traveling or using a vacation.

If you’re traveling to a location where there are a great deal of history, architectural or other places of interest, you will often get a great deal of detailed information about each place you visit or stop at. The death of a family member could cause many unexpected expenses. Once done with this checkpoint, go forward towards the designated boarding area and gate to hold back to your airplane and wait for your announcement of you flight. A great number of teenagers actually process life factors and experiences this way, and allowing them a little freedom in this department can help maintain the waters smooth for connecting when the track is over.

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Visiting Europe in the Fall

If you are an avid traveler, then visiting Europe must essentially be on the top your wish list. Europe is considered to be a traveler’s dream come true destination. From fantastic natural locations to loads of ancient historical stuff to a plethora of man-made attractions like parks, gardens, libraries, museums, galleries, etc., Europe offers visitors and travelers a vast treasure house to explore and unravel.

In spite of the fact that Europe can be an extremely alluring vacation and travel destination for all kinds of people, yet it is often found that people hesitate from planning a trip to Europe and often postpone their visits for months. Why? Well, the main reason for that appears to be the high budget of traveling that Europe demands. Yes, that’s quite true. Visiting the well-known travel destinations in Europe like England, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Germany, etc. during the spring, summers and winters can cost you dearly – something that most avid travelers fail to do due to the budget constraints.

But not anymore. If you are eagerly waiting to visit the marvelous European attractions, it is best that you plan your trip to Europe this fall season. Yes, that’s the off season for European tourism, which is why you can get great benefits on your trip to Europe. Here’s how:

Great deals

Since the fall is the off-time for most places in Europe in terms of tourism, you can expect to get excellent discounts on fares, hotel tariffs, rides, visits, site seeing and even food. Most hotels and restaurants reduce their charges remarkably during the fall season.

Less tourists

Being the off season, the fall time attracts very fewer tourists. Hence, most places of attraction remain less crowded, in fact, quite empty. Hence, you can visit each and every attraction and have as much time to yourself as you want. No wanted people poking their heads into every picture that you want to take and no guides or guards to hurry you away. You can have the best pleasure at every place of your choice.

Excellent weather

In spite of the fact that the fall season is the off time for European tourism, the weather during falls is no less enchanting than during the other seasons. The summer heat is gone, and the chilly winters aren’t in just yet. So, you can have a great blend of summer and winter, not to mention the beautiful color panoramas that the foliage offer during the fall season. If you love nature and want to experience one of its most enthralling hues, fall is the season for you.

Amazing festivals

All through October and in November, a number of popular and exciting festivals are held across Europe. From harvesting festivals in different countries to Halloween, Oktoberfest, etc., fall is the time when you can delve deeper into the European culture with loads of food, drinks, fun, bonfires, etc.

So, if your heart craves for a visit to the famous European destinations, do not thwart it anymore. Just plan a trip within your budget this fall season.

The Pan American Highway

Do you like to hit the roads with your friends every time you get a holiday or on weekends? Do you love spending your vacation making long road trips with your near and dear ones? Well, if this is you, then the Pan American Highway would indeed be a dream come true for you. Why? Well, because it is known to be the longest stretch of motorable roads that connects all the major countries in both North and South America.

Yes, that’s true. The Pan American highway starts off from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska in the far north and continues up to the south fringes of South America at Tierra del Fuego, totaling a distance of about 19,000 miles or 30, 000 km to be traveled via roads. Though there is a small gap of about 100 km between South and Central America known as the Darien Gap, yet the journey doesn’t stop as one can easily transport their vehicle via the ferry system and continue further south at their will.

The concept

The idea of connecting the Americas first materialized in 1889 when a railroad from one tip to the other was proposed. However, since the project never started, in 1923, the idea of building a continuous highway connecting the various countries in the two continents was proposed and the plan was finally accepted by the US, Canada, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile to work together to realize this plan of connecting America.

Over the period of time, other countries joined in, and various fringes and termini were constructed all over South America. Plans are underway to include the Carribean Islands in this vast network via the means of a ferry system that would run from the present terminals and back to Puerto Rico.

The Mother of all road trips

Although the PAH was mainly constructed for better land communication between the countries of the continents of America, it turned out to be much more than just a system of interconnected roadways and highways. Over the time, the PAH has developed into a culture of its own with hundreds of road trip enthusiasts trying to complete this mind-boggling road trip atleast once in their lifetime.

A totally new road culture has developed around the PAH and enthusiastic people all around the world try to achieve this milestone – the experience of traveling 30,000 km at a stretch (except the Darien gap) on the longest motorable road that the world has ever seen. The thrill of the experience is something that only a road traveler would be able to imagine and relish.

What’s in store?

Well, practically everything. From the Alaskan tundra to the rugged Rockies, from the Mexican deserts to the tropical Central American jungles – the long, untiring roads hold a hidden treasure for those who dare to venture. Not only do you come close to the beauties and bounties of nature but you also get to experience the widely variant local culture and interact with the locals, making the trip worth remembering a lifetime.