The Hugging Octopi


It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to write any poetry.  And then, as I was sketching & painting the above heart-shaped plate I heard this…

You and I…
We’re the hugging octopi

Our limbs are long
They reach through space and time

With sixteen arms
Our longings will be satisfied

From messy hugs
The kind of hugs we like

And our six hearts
They flutter like a butterfly

For You and I…
We’re the hugging octopi

About Spiritual World Traveler

I am Love. A Spiritual World Traveler and a Traveler of the Spiritual World. A Photographer and new Vehicle for the Muse of Poetry to flow through. Follow me as I travel through the world, the Spiritual World and this journey we call Life...
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4 Responses to The Hugging Octopi

  1. Kozo Hattori says:

    You know I was born to love this post, Z.} {{{Hugs}}}}} Kozo

  2. lenorelook says:

    Oh, I love it!!! XXOOXO

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