Back to the drawing board…

Yoga Sutra 2.17
Drastr drsyayoh samyoga heya hetuh.
The cause of that avoidable pain is the union of the Seer with the Seen.

Who is the Seer? Intellectually, I can tell you it is the Divine Within.  You can call it God, Spirit or my personal favorite: Diosa! However, in Spiritual matters I find what the sages say to be true ~ direct experience is the only way to the Truth. Intellect is pretty much worthless. And that’s where I am at: worthless intellect. Or at least that’s how it feels. You see, even though I have not read this Sutra before, I’ve been studying the idea of this Sutra for about 10 years now. This idea is one which still eludes me on a deeper level.

And that is exactly what this Sutra is discussing: the Seer, the Divine Within, always is…  Well, Divine! I am the Divine Seer. What I see (objects, my emotions, my feelings, etc…) is not me. To be more specific, I am always the Divine Within. I only suffer (or feel “avoidable pain”) when I identify with anything that is not the Divine Within. In this case, the fact that I’ve been intellectualizing this idea and my feelings of failure about it.

Off the Mat, I am learning to identify with this Divinity Within. Not allowing my GUILT to be an impetus of more identification with anything less than the Glorious Diosa. I’ve been feeling lazy and guilty about not attending class regularly this Thanksgiving week. So, I say to myself, “I am not lazy or guilty. I am feeling those feelings. ” This creates temporary steadiness of mind. The key word being “temporary.” As the Sutras themselves say, “effort towards steadiness of mind…becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness.” (1.13-14) Back to the drawing board off and ON the Mat.

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