Never Not Broken

Meet Akhilandeshvari riding in on a crocodile!

The Never Not Broken (Akhilanda) Goddess (Ishvari) teaches us that our brilliance will crack us open from within, if we tame our fears (crocodile) and use them as a vehicle to move us forward.

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Today, I did something I thought would take me years!
Second try at Supta Kurmasana (Supine Tortoise Posture).20140401-214426.jpg

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The Hugging Octopi

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It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to write any poetry.  And then, as I was sketching & painting the above heart-shaped plate I heard this… You and I… We’re the hugging octopi Our limbs are long They … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Yoga Sutras

Yoga Sutra 2.42
Samtosadnuttamah sukhalabhah.
By contentment, supreme joy is gained.

This idea is almost becoming cliche…  But it’s still elusive.  I want supreme joy, but how do I find contentment?  On the Mat, my teacher tells me (as I grunt during my FIVE BREATHS for each of the THREE back bends), “Slow your breath down!  Pretend you like it until you do.”  Well, I DON’T! :)  LOL  I’m trying to be content during those back bends, but I’m not there yet.  Did I tell you back bends are my nemesis?  Off the Mat, I’m also being forcefully taught contentment.  Though it’s clear that WHAT IS is for the best at the moment, I don’t like it one bit.  And just like my back bends, there is nothing I can do about it; except slow down my breath and pretend I like it for now.  Funny thing is, my teacher also tells me that I need to open my chest (heart chakra) more to be able to get into a steady and comfortable back bend.  WHAT IS also requires some serious heart-opening to find supreme joy…

Yoga Sutra 2. 46
Sthira sukhamasanam.
Asana is a steady, comfortable posture.

“You can’t have a long, intense relationship with Ashtanga without some kind of injury.”  Since my relationship with Ashtanga only began in August, I guess it is an intense one.  [Like most of my relationships.  Hmmmm...]  I strained my right hamstring this morning.  My first thought as I kept practicing was, “Ugh!  This is going to hold me back on my flexibility on the right side until it heals!”  And I swear my teacher always reads my mind!  She quietly says, “It can take a long time to heal, but when it heals you’ll be more flexible.”  Today’s Lesson on the Mat:  a steady, comfortable posture on the Mat is my practice, regardless of the flexibility or strength of the posture.  Now to find out how all this relates to my Life off the Mat!

*Thank you to The Confluence Countdown for the video!

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“I try to think of six impossible things before breakfast.” ~Lewis Carroll

I always thought this was just physically impossible…
And then it happened!
Not the straightest Urdhva Padmasana (Upward Lotus), but I’ll take it!!! ‪‬

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